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    Get Him Back Forever – Review

    Get Him Back Forever is a straight to the point, no-holds-barred, “all secrets revealed” step-by-step system to make your ex boyfriend fall madly in love with you again. Written by a renowned pick-up artist Matt Huston, this book advocates an aggressive approach that is not right for everybody. But, it works great for those who try it.

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    How Do I Get Him Back? – Review

    “How Do I Get Him Back?” is a concise book, written by a licensed professional counselor, which helps women understand their man and his competitive nature. You’ll also learn to use that understanding to work a plan that will get him to want to come back and stay with you forever.

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    The Magic of Making Up – Review

    “The Magic of Making Up” is a short, but powerful book written in a warm, positive style that will give you the techniques and confidence you need to get back your ex boyfriend.

    The basic premise of “The Magic of Making Up” is to understand the basic human behavior that you and your ex boyfriend are going through during and after a break-up. Knowing that there are relationship patterns that most people follow, helps you predict your ex’s next move. Knowing his next move helps you plan your next move. You get to stay one step ahead.


Why Is Lost Love So Painful?

Falling in love is wonderful. Falling out of love is painful. Why?

Simply put, loss hurts. A lot. It breaks your heart and spirit for a while. Sometimes for a long while.

But, it is temporary. As the author of this article says “As much as I’d like to tell the world about an overnight remedy for lost love, the truth is that you don’t get over a breakup overnight. It happens gradually, like a flower blooming in Spring.”

Yes, it’s painful now. But there’s always hope.